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Featuring the Free Breakfast Inn in Oakley, Kansas
If you are like me when talking a road trip the most stressful part about the trip is finding a decent hotel. Recently I have found a hotel worth staying at if you want to save some money. Its amazing to me how much motel prices have gone up. It used to be that you could stay at a place for fifty dollars or less and still get a breakfast. Those days are pretty much over. However I have found one such place right off of 1-70 in Oakley, Kansas.

buffalo bill sculptureThis Motel is a simple American - local owned motel that doesn't offer a swimming pool or gym, but does provide a simple, clean room with cable and free wi-fi. This is a great place to stop if you are wanting to make a quick stop on your way through Kansas. Oakley does have a few restaurants including the The Colonial Steakhouse, however if you are headed east on your way through Oakley I would stop at Colby first and get your Starbucks and your choice of a number of decent restaurants including El Dos a Mexican restaurant. On the other hand if you are headed west I would stop at Hays first for dinner. Stopping at the Free Breakfast Inn will give you a decent place to sleep with a free country style breakfast at a local restaurant right off the interstate. Don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of places to eat and things to do in or near Oakley including historical museums in Russell Springs and Colby, fossil museums, Prairie Dog Town, Buffalo Bill Sculpture, and giant monument rocks. You can make a week out of it with the Oakley area attractions or if you wanted to utilize the nice water parts both in Oakley and Colby.

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